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Neo-Tokyo is a massive urban sprawl located in Japan and is the iconic symbol of a Cyberpunk city. Neon signs, vertical building, prefectures that act as mini-cities connected together by a system of public transportation... the list goes on.


After the massive destruction of Tokyo and the surrounding cities during the Ring of Fire explosions in 2061, the Emperor rebuilt the area into a new mega-city several times larger than the original Tokyo. The new city was a symbol that Japan was still a world leader, even after the collapse of Fuchi Industrial Electronics a year prior.

Current Events

Neo-Tokyo is a constant buzz of industry, electronic hums, and people going about their day-to-day business.

Plot Hooks

  • Odaiba park, in Tokyo bay, is a recreational center for Tokyo city and is a center for EVO's entertainment products
  • Akihabara is home to chrome lovers, take a turn down the wrong alley or exit the wrong skyway and you might find yourself staring down a cyber'd up gang.

Misc Info

Skycrapers tower over the city and house all of the necessities of life. Food is produced in Skyfarms, massive buildings that automate the city's agriculture needs. Energy production is decentralized and targeting any one location will not have an immediate effect.

Renraku Computer Systems is based out of Chiba, a prefecture of Neo-Tokyo. Yakashima Technologies is based out of Yokohama, a prefecture of Neo-Tokyo.


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