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Atlanta is the national capital of the Confederation of American States. In the 2070's Atlanta is the software capital of the world, developing most of the world's industrial programs. The city has developed several green arcologies to maintain the cities' status as a City in a Forest. There are two main divisions with the boundary tied to the Perimeter or the old 285 Interstate loop.


Atlanta has a long history as an important city in the former United States. It was the nexus point for the railroads, and became an important hub during that nation's civil war as rail traffic became vital to the transport of goods. When the rest of the Southern States were forced to give up slavery and agriculture dropped significantly, Atlanta was able to survive because of it's ability to continue moving goods and the city focused on education and attempts to reconcile the Old South with a New South. When the CAS and the United Canadian and American States split, Atlanta was once again thrust into the role of establishing a new national identity.

Current Events

Urban Vs Suburban

The age old problem of suburban migration has largely been solved when the corps and the city established the arcologies. Now low skill labor lives outside the Perimeter and commutes into the city, flipping the social problem.


The cities' historic 30 colleges have consolidated into a handful. The unusually high population of orcs (~30%) has given the cities' colleges an excuse to develop large Metahuman Studies departments, and the increase in government funds to go with them.

Plot Hooks

Misc Info

There is a rivalry between Georgia Tech and Magic and Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Thaumaturgy, the later believing that GT&M is stealing their prestige. At sporting events between the two MIT&T students will often sing "GIT'M, GIT'M, Copy Cats" over the song Ramblin' Wreck from Georgia Tech.


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